Surface Cleaning

D-Lead® Final Clean

Final Clean is a concentrated surface cleaner that combines the effectiveness of D-Lead® with an optimum level of phosphate. It provides quick cleaning and thorough decontamination of most surfac... Read more »

D-Lead® Final Clean Pre-Mix

Fast, efficient, one-step cleaning at your fingertips in a ready to use, no rinse formula. No need for mixing or diluting. Applies easily from a portable, convenient, one quart spray bottle. Spray, wi... Read more »

D-Lead® All Purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose, concentrated, low sudsing, phosphate free cleaning formula quickly lifts and suspends metals, grease, oil, dirt, paint dust and firing range residue in a single application. Each gallon... Read more »

D-Lead® Surface Cleaner Concentrate & Ready To Use

Low residue and phosphate free, this multi-purpose surface cleaner quickly lifts and suspends lead and heavy metal contaminants so they can be easily wiped away. Can be used on most water washable sur... Read more »

D-Wipe® Towels

Disposable towels are generously saturated with a gentle pH balanced cleaner to quickly remove lead and heavy metal dusts. The soft towels lift, bind and hold lead and other heavy metal dusts and tak... Read more »

D-Lead® Surface Wipes for Lead Paint Dust Cleanup

Disposable Towels are saturated with the D-Lead® Surface Cleaner to quickly lift and trap lead paint dust from wipeable surfaces. Use on window sills, walls, countertops, cabinets, floors to redu... Read more »