Shoe Cleaners

D-Step™ Mats

D-Step™ Mats can remove as much as 98% of contaminants from the bottom of shoes and wheels of carts. This permanent high tack polymer mat removes contaminants through surface adhesion. Regular... Read more »

D-Step™ Disposable Tacky Mat

Remove contaminants from the bottom of shoes and carts. 30 easy peel off micro film layers per mat. Numbered tabs identify sheets remaining. Packed 4 mats per case (30 sheets per mat).... Read more »

D-Step™ Mat Cleaning Kit

Regular cleaning of D-Step Mats maintains their high tack and effectiveness.... Read more »

Boot Blaster™ Wet Shoe & Boot Cleaner

The Boot Blaster™ removes dirt and contaminants from boot and shoe bottoms without removing your shoes or boots. Directed nozzles spray concentrated jets of water across the soles, while side... Read more »