Air Showers

ESCA Tech Air Showers provide a rapid, effective means to reduce dust contamination from individuals' clothing when entering or leaving a controlled area. Air Shower Tunnels are protected passageways that allow large numbers of personnel to rapidly transit into controlled areas.

Air ShowerAir Showers and Tunnels supply high volumes of recirculated, dust free, air to lift contaminants from personnel, while they stand, or walk through the specially constructed chamber.

Air flows through pressurized directional nozzles at velocities up to 10,000 feet per minute. The clean, dust free, high velocity air provides efficient scrubbing action to remove particulates from work clothes and protective equipment.

The contaminants are directed downwards through the grilles and hollow walls of the Air Shower and then is filtered through HEPA filters and recirculated.

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Capacity - A minimum of 15 seconds retention time is required to clean the dust off personnel clothes. As retention time increases, the amount of dust removed also increases up to a maximum at about 45 seconds. Additional residence time beyond 45 seconds provides little additional benefit. Cycle time is adjustable by rotating a simple thumbwheel located in the electrical cabinet.

Retention time can be increased to accommodate large volumes of people by increasing the length of the air shower to form a tunnel. Air Shower Tunnels are formed by assembling multiple modular sections together.

Effectiveness - Field test results on an Air Shower that was installed in a battery plant:

Ambient level of total dust outside the Air Shower Entrance12 - 17 mcg/m3
Ambient level of total dust in the breathing zone inside the Air Shower2 - 4 mcg/m3
Eight hour air sample results inside the Air Shower (250 people on shift)0.15 mcg/m3
Dust removed in a 7 day trial period (4,200 cycles) was450 grams = 108 milligrams per person

Basic Floor Plans

Basic Floor Plans

Air Shower Tunnels, also known as down flow booths are used to remove particulate contamination from personnel, their clothing and personal protective equipment. They are typically specified for personnel entering lunch and break areas, clean rooms and sterile rooms.

Modular construction allows assembling the basic floor plan styles side by side or end to end.

ESCA Tech Air Showers are warranted for a period of one year from date of delivery. Turnkey installation service is available.