ESCA Vacuum Hose

ESC Static Conductive

Polyethylene blend contains carbon black, which provides a permanent static conductive resistance of 10/3-10/5. Excellent durability, flexibility and good chemical resistance.... Read more »

GT Clear

Clear PVC with grey plastic helix. Smooth interior for excellent material transfer and clear for visual confirmation of material flow. Ideal for dust collection, fume removal, air vent lines and blowe... Read more »

N Grey

PVC with a spring helix and reinforced with synthetic yarn. Multi purpose, ideal for wet or dry vacuuming. Extremely flexible, to handle tight bends.... Read more »

R Grey

Medium duty extremely flexible, light weight polyethylene hose, single profile with a flat crown. Most durable and lightweight hose of its type with a smooth interior for maximum air flow. Ideal for... Read more »

TV Grey

Medium Duty polyethylene lightweight hose, single profile with rounded crown. Excellent flexibility with a smooth interior for efficient air flow for light to medium duty applications.... Read more »