ESCA Bullseye Wet and Dry HEPA Vacuums

  • Professional Contractor Tool Quality
  • Simultaneous wet and dry pickup
  • Sanitary dust removal and filter changes
  • Tested HEPA Bypass Leakage to provide maximum cleaning performance.
  • Available in 9 gallon portable and 55 gallon drum top models.

All ESCA Bullseye HEPA VACS are designed for rugged duty, maximum uptime and feature:

  • High Capacity 3 Stage Filtration System for extended filter life
  • HEPA Final Filter with 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • HEPA bypass leakage tested in accordance with Brookhaven National Laboratory Standard IH62350 "HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaner Testing".
  • Optional ULPA Final Filter with 99.99% efficiency at 0.12 micron
  • Simultaneous Dry & Wet Pickup
  • Large Settling Chamber for extended filter life
  • Sanitary dust removal and filter changes
  • One Wrench Maintenance

ESCA Bullseye HEPA Wet or Dry Drum Top Vac

High Capacity Wet and Dry Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner that fits standard 55 gallon steel drums (not included).... Read more »